Prices can vary depending from period and how long for. Prices are also subject to change at the advertiser’s discretion.

Rental Period     Weekly     Other

 all price shown are in euro and include tax 10%

7 night          ask            
Jenuary excluding Holiday week and New Year 
               € 1.350,00
contact us
February  € 1.350,00 contact us
March  € 1.470,00 contact us
Easter Holiday Week (month vary every year)                                                                                                    
 € 2.310,00 contact us
April  € 1.470,00 contact us
May  € 1.800,00 conatct us
June  € 1.950,00 contact us
July  € 2.000,00 contact us
August  € 2.250,00 contact us
September  € 1.650,00 contact us
October  € 1.500,00 contact us
November  € 1.400,00 contact us
December  € 1.400,00 contact us
Christmas and New Year € 2.350,00 contact us

NOTE during the Easter period from the balconies you can admire the processions of the dead Christ

from the first days of December to all January from the balconies you have an overlooking of the square with the Christmas lights and the impressive music Christmas tree